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Learning Web Design


I’ve been dabbling in web design since I was in grade 6. I remember the days of Geocities (I had a …/Hollywood/2686/ or whatever those long URL sites were) where it was tables and IFrames then slowly migrating to Divs. Nowadays the landscape of web design is moving so rapidly that I barely have time to catch up, especially when I’m in school learning other programming languages.

In class we’ve been dabbling with jQuery and HTML5/CSS3 but really it’s definitely not enough to get an actual grasp on the language. I looked into Web Developer jobs and they all require the basic languages (as stated above plus AJAX/Javascript) but you also need to learn:

  • Python (and Django – the framework) and/or PERL
  • PHP or .NET/ASPX
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller)
  • Database (MySQL)
  • RESTful API (is this similar to JSON?)
  • SVN/Git/etc (not actually programming)

I actually saw all but Python on this list on a job posting that I came across on LinkedIn. Don’t forget all the Backbone.js and whatever .js that’s popular too.

I’m still learning/catching up on all the different things you can do with jQuery… not to mention Responsive Design and the Grid System is all the rage so I’m slowly wrapping my mind around it.

Spring Break (Reading Week) is next week so hopefully I can dedicate most of my time around these topics. My main focus is responsive design, jQuery and JSON. I hope to learn Python and Django in the future.

For someone who isn’t really interested to code in Java/C#/etc, I’m definitely more interested in the UI/Web front of things. I think it’s because I can easily visual concrete things rather than abstract concepts and designs.

At the end of the day, I think the most important skill you can have is Writing. I’ve came across a blog entry where someone listed out the 5 most important languages you should learn and one of them, or a bonus one, is Writing. I know that some people’s philosophy is that you should write code is succinct/clean/beautiful that anyone who reads your code will easily understand it. But not everyone is at your level of programming knowledge. COMMENTS ARE USEFUL. You might not need a full blown Javadocs but seriously, comment your code. Heck, even I forget what I wrote and it was maybe a few weeks ago. /off-topic

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Ivy develops in Ruby on Rails. You can find her at @aibiwashere.

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