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Working on my First WordPress Plugin

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I never mentioned it in my earlier entries (probably because I’m bad at blogging about timely things) but I had an idea in my head for this WordPress plugin back in May 2012. You’ll get to hear about it when I get it to beta probably… since I might end up not finishing it and it’ll look bad that I said I was working on this plugin. Oops.

I started working on it a bit when I installed a local Apache server and mySQL database. (See: How to Install WordPress via XAMPP). After that it was just figuring out what I need to do… You can see my procrastination timeline:

  • May – Started working on the Plugin
  • June – Found an API for my plugin to use; a lot of hello world plugin learning
  • June-July – Worked on the PHP side of the plugin, aka a pain to deal with setting up/installing the plugin with scripts (jQuery learning!), styles (CSS for the admin page), database (I made dummy data to show what’s happening); I spent most of it doing CodeAcademy learning modules
  • …….┬áNothing happened …….

In the past few week I’ve made more progress than the few months I’ve started working on it. I’ve…

  • Dumped the old API (I gave up figuring it out) and found a Web Service for the query
  • Learnt how to use jQuery to get JSON back … and how to make a lightbox (jQuery plugin)
  • Stored the result and parsed it into a table (more jQuery plugins)
  • Done a lot of UI stuff – but it’s still looking weird meaning I need to work on my UI design lol

Upcoming things to do:

  • Finish making the submit form
  • Submit data to database
  • Edit/Delete submitted data in the table
  • Sort data by year
  • Display the data in the front end
  • Ask for beta testing and/or suggestions

I’ll have finals coming up next month so either I procrastinate my studying (probably) to work on this, or I’ll put it on hold until end of April when I start my Industry Projects course.

Is there anything else I’m missing? I’d love to hear your opinion on the plugin making process!

Author: Ivy

Ivy develops in Ruby on Rails. You can find her at @aibiwashere.

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  1. Ah! This is so cool!

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