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Mix Line and Bar Chart in SAP Crystal Reports


I am dabbling with reporting at my workplace and obviously, SAP Crystal Reports is something I am using. To make better reports and present a better visualization, I often seek out ways to do just that. Google has become my friend, and so has SAP’s SCN forum.

I thought it would be nice to share a tidbit that I learnt that I had to scour all over the ‘net to find. It’s a simple concept, I want a chart with both a line and a bar to represent two different things but on the same canvas. You would think Crystal Reports would have this option in the Chart Expert page but sadly no. Don’t worry, it’s really simple.

I am using Crystal Reports 2013.


Step 1: Right click and select Insert Chart


Step 2: Choose Line as the chart type. Then add all the necessary information to populate your chart.


Step 3: Right click the line you want to turn into a bar and choose Series Options


Step 4: Under Selected Series, choose Riser. Press OK.


End Result:


I hope that works out for you, or maybe you knew that already. Got any questions? I’ll try my best to figure out a solution for you!

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