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Review a KDrama – City Hunter (2011)


City Hunter PosterTitle: City Hunter

Synopsis: The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father’s death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and eventually becomes a “City Hunter.” (D-addicts Wiki)

Genre: Action, Suspense, Romance

Serious Review:

Where do I begin. It has Lee Min Ho. It is a highly touted drama by online people and my friend. After watching Heirs, I was gung-ho to watch another drama with him in it. Excellent plot. Good female lead.

Great early episodes.

And that’s pretty much the peak of my interest. If you’ve seen me talk about Korean drama online or offline, you know I marathon shows that I like. (I watched Heirs all in one go… There was 20 episodes. Oop.) This series took almost a month, watching one or two episodes at a time to get it done.

There are 5 men for the revenge to be exacted. Yes! We found the first one and dealt with him. Yes! We found the second one and dealt with him. Wait. What do you mean we’re going to repeat this again for twice more? We already know who the fifth person is from the beginning.

Oh god why.

And the crooks are so despicable that you’re just going zzz because we get it, they’re bad people. Womp womp.

Rating: 7/10

Status: You should watch it anyway because everyone else says it’s good.

Up Next: I still have 2 WIPs that I never finished (Sigh.) 2 reviews. Then trying Love from Another Star again.

The Ivy Review:

I want to attest Yoon Sung’s behavior to his upbringing in Thailand but what what what you are awful. Considering how conservative Korean is with man/woman relations, you buy out her place so she doesn’t get kicked out but for free rent, you live there with her???? BOUNDARIES.

City Hunter or not, you’re a jerk who keeps picking on her like you’re pulling on her pigtail in grade school. (Unacceptable behavior BTW.)

Even Lee Min Ho can’t make me forgot how bad his character is and how boringly paced the show is. I know it’s based on the manga but I don’t know how much they changed it for the show.



Also every time they say City Hunter (and there were soooo many times), it just reminds me of that South Park episode with City Sushi and City Wok :'(


  • WOW ACTUAL WOMEN-TARGETED FAN SERVICE. Lee Min Ho shirtless. Shirtless again. Running in a water park in a white shirt. LOL.

Things that annoy me:

  • ARE ALL HOUSES THAT POORLY SECURED. Your house requires a lift to get into, then stairs, then a door, but people can break in no problem. Oh and you’re an ex-military operative that survived swimming from North Korea back to South Korean who is also a drug lord in Thailand but people can break into your house AND TAKE THINGS FROM YOUR SAFE. I mean like wut.
  • NO ONE IS SAFE FROM SLOW GOODBYE. Unnecessary IMO. Rude. :'(
  • The other body guard other than not actually protecting anyone just abuses the poor guy with the awful hair cut.
  • WHY.

Last Words:


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