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The Road to AngularJS Mastery

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Angular JS LogoIn my spare, spare, spare time, I’ve started learning AngularJS to continue my path of learning (along with NodeJS but that’s later). Out of the three popular JavaScript frameworks, I picked this one since like there is way more resources to learn from than the other two (EmberJS and Backbone). Plus, it was the first one that I saw and kept seeing everywhere.

Of course every starts by Googling the best place to start, and I stumbled to a StackOverflow (of course) post which details a plethora of links to learn about this framework. I picked the first link ( which contained with a really (extremely) long guide to learn РA Better Way to Learn AngularJS and accompanied by another tutorial to build your first web application.

Coming from a slightly-above-novice Ruby on Rails development background, I understood the MVC framework pretty well. The biggest pro to using a JavaScript framework seems to be the built in AJAX functionality that you don’t need to rely on an external jQuery script to send data back and form asynchronously. I only had to write the following code in order for user input to say hello world:

<div><input type="text" />
<h1>{{data.message + " world"}}</h1>

Probably doesn’t really serve you any functionality when you just bind the input text to the message, but that was how easy it was! It was truly magic in my eyes since I don’t need a separate JavaScript file to mess with jQuery and do .ajax on anything.

The confusing thing (as of writing this post) is binding JavaScript functions directly into the view. I’m so used to separately the logic into the controller rather than it being the other way around. Of course I could be totally wrong on this but that is me learning from these tutorials. (Okay, apparently that is one of the features in Angular. I don’t like how cluttered the HTML code end up looking.)

At this point, I have a learning project in mind after completing the 12-part tutorials (I’m starting the 7th one after this.) and the example web app example.

From all of these learning things, I definitely am more interested in doing front-end development but in order to be a full-stack developer, I’m gonna push forward and get out of my comfort zone. :)

tl;dr this is going to be a long road to mastery but I’m super excited to get there.

Author: Ivy

Ivy develops in Ruby on Rails. You can find her at @aibiwashere.

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  1. Impressive stuff, Ives! Your increasing dev skills are truly inspiring. Nice work. You’ve got me thinking I should one day also break out of my comfort zone and pick up some new things, other than the same ol’ skinning WP themes.

    Hope to see a post about the Chicago trip you’re currently on (with lots of pics of course)!

    Happy summer to you :)

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