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Happy Holidays with Yamaha Clavinova & Roland UM-ONE MK2


The Piano

I used to play piano back when every Chinese kid did while going to school. Since Hong Kong had minuscule flats, my parents decided to buy an electric upright piano instead of an actual upright piano. We went to Tom Lee and bought the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-121s.

yamaha clavinova

Seriously, this thing has been around for 20-odd years. (Click link for credit)

I remember being so happy too… I finally have my own piano! We even brought it with us when we immigrated here. It lasted me until Level 8 of Piano (I don’t know what the official term it is called). It became difficult when I had to start using the right pedals and adjusting to piano on an electric keyboard to an actual one since how hard you press down on the key is different.

Recently my mom has hinted at how much we can sell this thing for… I don’t want to throw away my piano!… even though I play on this thing maybe once every few years. Finally I decided to look into using this thing again — this time finding out how to get the sound from my piano to a digital format.

 The Link to the Digital World

roland um-one mk2

This was 36 dollars… (Click link for credit)

I tried buying the Yamaha UX16 for MIDI-to-USB connection. Turns out none of the Tom Lee around has it. Instead the guy over the phone suggested I get the Roland UM-ONE MK2 which provides the same feature. (I assume a lot of companies make these since they are essential to a lot of electric instruments.) After I purchased it, I actually found out you can buy them in your local Future Shop and Best Buy too. Well, good thing I had someone else buy it for me since they only had it in the Downtown Tom Lee.

I had it in my hand yesterday! I was so happy to finally connect it to my laptop! As some of you may know, I’m okay with my way around a computer so HOW DID IT TAKE ME 2+ HOURS TO INSTALL THE DRIVER FOR THE CABLE? It turns out the driver they shipped and the driver they have on their website DO NOT WORK. I have Windows 8.1 on this laptop and both the drivers say they are compatible — version 1.0.1. After packing it up into its original box and getting really annoyed at it not working (was it broken? was it my laptop?), I found a solution… The Canadian Roland site had a version 1.0.2 driver available to download.

It worked right away. ARGHHHH!!!! What a waste of my time. I mean, uh, at least it worked?


After another online search session, I found Anvil Studio as my freeware music editor that can take in the MIDI input from the cable. After playing around with it and watching the first video tutorial, I churned out the following super short clip.

It’s not pretty meh but I’m just happy that I figured out how to get my piano playing onto my laptop AND have it exported with other background beats too.

Other than Soundcloud, does anyone use other services to host music?

Happy Holidays!

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