TGIF, Happy Friday and All That Jazz

Forgot to post this from last week/year. Aw yea s'mores!

Slice of heaven

Yes! I’m back again. Or well, I should be blogging more often, yes? And great for WP to have direct link to Instagram photos, but it doesn’t work when you try to center it!! What.

I had an interesting morning where I got to school an hour late, couldn’t find my class even though the schedule said it was the right room, found the right room but the room was dark and empty, then finally got a reply from my friend and he said class is cancelled since the instructor was sick, meaning there was no lecture and tutorial. I guess I lucked out there.

In the other chunk of lecture/tutorial, it was for the Intranet course. It started off great with our instructor bringing two boxes of cream puffs for us to eat. That’s already a plus in my books.


Then he tells us that we should get Windows 8 dual-booted with existing Windows 7. (I already had Ubuntu available for dual-boot on start-up…). And then install Visual Studio 2012 onto Windows 8. I don’t even know if my laptop can handle running Windows 8 like that! I have it all locked and loaded and it’s asking me to restart. I hope I don’t do something stupid like have it install and wipe my Windows 7 OS. Will let you know the results later.

(Then we also have to install Fedora Redhat next week on the laptop too. My poor laptop! I have way too many TV shows and Sims 3 files on my laptop. I managed to delete a few folders and gained 25GB already…)

And then we did a really basic Java to C# exercise. It was amusing? I have no idea. It was like a 10-minute exercise really. I can’t wait for this class and hopefully it is all I expect it to be with C#,, HTML5, jQuery, MS SQLServer, etc.



In 2012, I managed to read 32 books (out of the goal of 50 I set), some of them via the tablet I received for my birthday. It was awesome to work so close to the Vancouver Public Library so I can reserve books and pick them up, read them on my commute, and return them for more books! You can actually view the list of books I read in 2012 here (opens link to Goodreads). Most of the books were re-reads of Tamora Pierce and her series because I wanted to read about Alanna, and then I kept going after that reading about the Tortall realm and moved onto reading her other realms, so that was the big bulk of it. My favourite new books read this year definitely The Millennium Series, aka The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc. books. People at work thought I was crazy with the speed I was reading the books! I really enjoyed the mystery so I just kept reading it until I got to the end. What a rush the books were. I also really enjoyed Mindy Kaling‘s auto-biography. It was definitely relatable in my opinion (I wanted to write IMO here!).

I’m starting a new book soon and hopefully I can get through it in a month’s time. I set my goal to 52 books this year too.

Five Links for Friday

Yeah, I’m bringing it back, bringing it back.

  • - Free online courses for all your brain’s needs! I already signed up for two algorithm classes. Algorithm? Didn’t you already take that course? (asked someone) I don’t think I actually learned anything there and hopefully either of these classes further my studies.
  • Codeacademy - Free online learning tool for programming. I tried my best to learn some basics for jQuery. Wasn’t very successful, but I might try my hand on Ruby, or Python? I’m not sure yet. I need to get through this semester first with the billion new things we’re learning.
  • SocialMe - I tried this out today with my Facebook account. Yes, you need to give permission for them to access your data, but since I have nothing really private on there, I tried it out. Apparently I’ve written 54,538 words worth of status updates on Facebook, and its word count is larger than The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe! I’ve had my account since 2005, so it’s not that surprising. (That’s a lie.) It comes to be ~3,300 status updates. I wonder how far back do they count those as. Remember when we had the ‘is _______’ permanently there? Good times.
  • Channel 4′s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012 (YT) – I watch this once a year and it always makes me laugh. This year is no different. And yes, they do swear and make inappropriate comments and jokes on TV. Yay, England!
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a 50mm Lens (YT) – This was brought to my attention by a friend. It not only makes me nostalgic for Hong Kong, but I want to go and take some pictures with my camera + 50mm lens now!

P.S.: I’ve abandoned my #Project365. I just don’t have the endurance and patience for a picture a day. Too much pressure too!

A late night post? Why I never!

It’s the last days before school starts up again on Tuesday.

Or so I thought. Apparently Tuesday is the Orientation Day for first year students. Wednesday is supposed to be my first day… but not this time because I have only labs that day. But labs for the first week are cancelled. You cannot believe how disappointed I am. What a nerd right.

Instead, I started another trial of Project 365. Here’s Day 1 and Day 2. Maybe this will get me blogging again ;)

1/365 - A New Year (of Hockey Soon)
2/365 - He Loves Me / He Loves Me Not

Who said they wanted some links?

  • Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things - I don’t know why this is funny because it’s horrible, but it’s definitely interesting. He’s just… looking at things.
  • James’ Face - Some guy photoshops his friend’s picture on facebook. Friend hates it. Too bad my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.
  • GetGlue - Okay, so it’s another of those “check-in” sites. This time it’s TV shows and movies (mainly) and music, topics, etc. after that. After submitting to get physical stickers three times, they’ve finally arrived! I need to take a picture of them…
  • WriteOrDie - A web program that makes you write. If you stop, it can erase your words or play annoying music (RICKROLL’D YOU!). This is how I make myself write during NaNoWriMo.
  • Mary-Sue Litmus Test - So I must admit I’m running out of links. But hey, if you do write, try not to make them all Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus? Okay good.

Harrison Lake and Links. Separately.

On Monday, I went to Harrison Lake with the folks. It was touch and go weather-wise, but it stayed mostly cloudy with a bit of sun peeking out whenever it can. It almost took us 2 hours driving to get there with a short stop at KFC. We didn’t go the Highway 1 way, rather taking the Highway 7 (and semi slower speed 90km/hr vs 110km/hr) route. There were no one around so I assume it was an easier ride. (I wasn’t the one driving…)



Just Peaceful.


Showboating, eh?

The entire time we were joking how there was no difference looking at the pictures taken at Harrison Lake or from the stops we took at Alaska. Giant lake, trees, glaciers. Hahaha. I guess it’s because we’re so used to seeing this that it doesn’t faze us anymore.

I haven’t be very active with photo retouching and uploading them to Flickr or Facebook. I’ve been pretty slack on myself this week. I find myself playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 the past few days and today started playing Sims 2 again. It certainly brings back memory seeing the old legacy families that I used to have. (I remembered to save the neighbourhoods and the downloadables!)

It’s a Late Night edition of Friday Five… of Links!
  • Shit My Students Write – Students BS their work every day. Now you get to see how bad it is. Don’t eat or drink while you read this.
  • Nerdi - A collection of useful sites and tools for web design, such as the Grid System, Colour Generator, etc. I definitely recommend bookmarking this!
  • Dribbble - Looking for inspiration? Look no further to this site where users post bits and pieces of their WIPs (Work-In-Progresses???).
  • GetGlue - Like Foursquare, check into what you’re doing or watching to earn stickers (..and the points don’t matter!). You can even early physical copies of the sticker. I’m still waiting for my order… it’s been 2 months, I think. Whoops.
  • Ninite  – This site should be pretty popular and well-known. But nothing like reiterating it again. Select the programs you want and it downloads all in a batch! It includes useful programs like web browsers, media, run-time, messenger programs.
PS: No, I have not seen Harry Potter yet. /hides
Also, I think I’m going to forgo the tags. It’s pretty useless if I already have them sorted by categories. Going to fix that tomorrow or Sunday, depending if I go out tomorrow.

More links you say?

Spring or Summer?

Well, it was summer a few days ago.


It’s Friday, which means MORE LINKS!
  • Ever wonder what HREF stands for? – Well, now you know!
  • World History According to Undergrads – Right up your alley if you’re a fan of world history, or have been through it like myself. (Stating the Obvious Part III – “generally people do not like to starve.”)
  • Big Box - Make your own music with these pre-made voices, instrumentals, etc!
  • Blog Gender Analyzer - “Accurate” to a point if you care about these things or are bored in general.
  • The New World Map - With the Republic of South Sudan becoming the earth’s newest country, all current maps are out of date.
Bonus: Like vs Plus - Because there’s always two teams. Are you Team Like or Team Plus?