#FiftyTwoCreatives 2014 [Week 5] – Bring Back the dSLR

For the past 2 years, I’ve barely touched my camera other than when I bring it along on my holidays. I found it a nuisance to lug it around and don’t have to time to whip out the bloody thing when I have a perfectly good camera with my phone. I hated uploading the pictures onto my laptop and opening up Lightroom to make edits. My laptop is too old to handle all these things and I hate that when the photos looked great on my screen but when I print them out, they are way too dark.

Hence I barely touch my camera. But today my friends and I decided to go for a walk because (apparently) we have nothing better to do. On a cloudy and cold day, we walked around the lake, saw someone feed ducks, then went for ice cream. I took along my 50mm f/1.8 lens because it was light-weight. I want to do the point-and-shoot thing without adjusting the camera lens for focus. Snap snap snap.

I’m still not happy with the visual of the pictures, as in I want the brighter and happier look. I will get there one day! (This better not be because of my laptop’s colours/brightness…) Any tips? :) I pushed up the exposure when I was taking the pictures already and it was a cloudy day.

Here are some highlights:

Old Timers Bird on a Lake


The Birthday Post

15/365 - Happy Birthday!

“Unlimited juice? This party’s gonna be off the hook!”

– is what we said ALL DAY.

But yeah, birthday and all that. Another year older. It’s hard to think you’re “grown up” nowadays when you’re still living at home and going to school. At least for me it is. When I actually have a full-time job and move out, I’ll probably feel like an actual adult, doing adult-sy things. Until then, I’m just a kid living at home. But that’s a few more years down the road.

All and all, a great birthday. FREE JUICE(S). STEAK DINNER. CAKE LATER. I still have a birthday coupon for ice cream and have to pick up my birthday gift from Sephora. LOL. I went on a spree to find free things. No Baskin’ Robbins though. The ones that I knew existed all closed down. It just never took off here with so many other options to go to.

PS: Let’s home this Oracle version works. I need to pre-do my database lab so I can start on the assignment tomorrow during lab.

Happy Back to School Day (to Everyone Else)

Yesterday it was official that Tuesday would not be the first day of school for us returnees. Instead it was Wednesday. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Wednesday consist of cancelled labs, which means there is no school for my set until Thursday. It apparently consists of 4 50 minutes lectures. All of them lectures too. That’s going to be fun. At least I’ll start school with a full stomach since class begins at 12:30pm that day.

Fun. I also started coding my new layout. It’s not doing so well. Maybe I’ll work on it today and tomorrow since I have nothing better to do.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I went to Stanley Park with Christian and Naomi. It all started out great until I ran out of batteries and I put in my spare and it was empty too. Either way I learnt a great deal from them about photography, plus I got exercise from all the walking. Can’t wait until we do another photo-walk again!

After it was an awesome commute from Downtown to White Rock. The 351 (Bridgeport to White Rock Centre) is one of those snazzy yellow buses with coach buses seats and air conditioning. Not gonna lie, but I don’t mind having it for every single bus ride. (They have them for Hong Kong.)

Then it’s Labour Day Monday where my parents “dragged” me to White Rock Pier. Yes, the same White Rock that I was at on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t complain since it was a gorgeous day out and I’ve never been. And yes, the rock is painted white. I really should find out if the rock was originally there or only put there after White Rock was created. It’s a chicken or egg kind of deal.

White Rock PierSomeone\'s a little CrabbyFish & Chips!Eat it UpSet Up Camp Yeah!

And I’m only down to 5 movies left before I hit 100 movies watched! I also updated my about page with some minor adjustments. I am hoping to watch Limitless soon. I still have A Single Man and Blue Valentine that I keep putting off. Apparently I should watch E.T. too. That’s 4 right there. Also I am really disappointed in Thor. The end.

PS: I’m still debating if I should stick to uploading photos to my blog via Flickr (lower), or have it hosted on my own domain (top photos). I have no opinion on either other than I have to upload some on Flickr anyway. The down side is that they’re at different sizes, or else I’d stick to both.

A late night post? Why I never!

It’s the last days before school starts up again on Tuesday.

Or so I thought. Apparently Tuesday is the Orientation Day for first year students. Wednesday is supposed to be my first day… but not this time because I have only labs that day. But labs for the first week are cancelled. You cannot believe how disappointed I am. What a nerd right.

Instead, I started another trial of Project 365. Here’s Day 1 and Day 2. Maybe this will get me blogging again ;)

1/365 - A New Year (of Hockey Soon)
2/365 - He Loves Me / He Loves Me Not

Who said they wanted some links?

  • Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things - I don’t know why this is funny because it’s horrible, but it’s definitely interesting. He’s just… looking at things.
  • James’ Face - Some guy photoshops his friend’s picture on facebook. Friend hates it. Too bad my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.
  • GetGlue - Okay, so it’s another of those “check-in” sites. This time it’s TV shows and movies (mainly) and music, topics, etc. after that. After submitting to get physical stickers three times, they’ve finally arrived! I need to take a picture of them…
  • WriteOrDie - A web program that makes you write. If you stop, it can erase your words or play annoying music (RICKROLL’D YOU!). This is how I make myself write during NaNoWriMo.
  • Mary-Sue Litmus Test - So I must admit I’m running out of links. But hey, if you do write, try not to make them all Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus? Okay good.